We are a three-piece ceilidh band based in Auckland, New Zealand

Sarah ceilidh.jpg



Sarah is a bona fide Scottish person. Hailing from the Black Isle, Sarah came out of the womb dancing ceilidhs and playing in trad bands throughout her youth. Her day job is a professional cellist, having obtained degrees from the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, and somewhere fancy in Germany. 

Sarah is the keyboard player and caller for Reel Time.  



Rebecca discovered ceilidhs when she moved to the UK to study at the Royal College of Music and Royal Academy of Music, and has since decided they are the greatest thing. She is a professional percussionist usually playing 'serious' things, and thus loves playing and dancing ceilidhs to let her hair down. 

Rebecca plays the cajón (box-like percussion instrument) and snare drum, and is also a caller for Reel Time. 



Chang arrived in Edinburgh at the age of five and spent his youth playing the violin and bagpipes, eventually becoming the Leader of the NYOGB. Despite being made to dance with girls as a wee laddie, Chang's love for ceilidhs has never faltered and his fast fingers will keep your feet moving all night. 

Chang plays the violin for Reel Time, and can also provide bagpiping services upon request.